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Protocol, §2: Codes

Published by Ciavi on January 4, 2020 at 5:04 pm.

 Knowledge Base Protocol
1: Violations
Violation categoryDetailsCode
Terms of Service violationTOS
Privacy violationPRY
2: Infractions
Infraction categoryDetailsCode
Bahaviour/Language minorCommon, light and not iterated insults; Rebellion; Harassment;010
Behaviour/Language majorHeavy insults; Racism; Sexism; Verbal assault; Group assault; Stalking;011
Cheating/HackingUse of any 3rd party software to gain unfair advantage; Exploiting bugs to damage private and/or public property; Attack;999
Ignoring minor rule/enforcement  Ignoring any minor rule (e.g. “Pistol only”, “No Baserape” or “NSFW content in NSFW channel”); Ignoring admin enforcement;020
PII (Personal Identifiable Information)Giving out personal or critical information (GDPR violation)030
Questionable/illegal contentAny illegal content (pornography, paedophilia, hacking, cheating, etc.)021
Misuse of services’ featuresMisuse of services to promote anything that hasn’t been explicitly approved022
GenericAny other infraction that breaks common sense and or the law (excluding satire and humor)000
3: Disclaimers

A specific reason might not be included in the message but codes must always be provided and can be omitted only if the first is present.

Clarifications and explanations shall be given after an explicit request by opening a ticket.

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