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Battlefield 4 Rules

In addition to the Global Rules, Battlefield 4 also has some server specific rules which must be observed when playing on our network. This allows for balanced gameplay throughout the network and ensures servers with specific game modes are kept enjoyable and consistent.

By playing on any of Area 51’s servers you agree to abide by these rules at all times.

Network Wide Battlefield 4 Rules

Sect.1. Follow All Global Rules

The global rules can be found here.

A Battlefield 4 specific exception to the global rules Sect.4:

Sect.2. Play Fair

To ensure balanced and fair gameplay, we ask players to be mindful of the server environment. If a game is unbalanced, you can help out the other team with the use of the !assist command, or in some cases, an admin may manually move you. While we do operate a team balancer on all our servers, it can sometimes be slow to act and so player cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

Whilst farming is not explicitly forbidden, we ask that you be mindful when servers start to populate, and not drive players away from the server. If an admin feels that a player(s) is detracting from the experience of other players, they reserve the right to warn and punish said player(s) accordingly.

Sect.3. Red-Zone Camping

Visualisation of Red Zones can be found here.

Red Zone camping is when a player spends an excessive amount of time in a zone that the enemy team can not enter. This gives the player an advantage as the enemy team is unable to reach you.

Sect.4. No Base Rape

You must not actively camp or shoot into an enemy base. This is toxic behaviour and isn’t enjoyable for anyone else.

Server Wide Battlefield 4 Rules

1. Madhouse – f88fdc44-6733-49f8-8890-ed8d5e3f1476

2. Outcasts – 6e4d07d4-d374-4164-ba46-490ff80ff8fb

3. Jungle Wars – 4c9969f6-f711-4b27-b83f-b03a05e4d427

4. No Tryhards – cffeb9e2-42da-4bb2-8431-8a3a816d8d55

5. Hardcore Rush – bd71d80e-8ec7-4c0e-90dd-96d84b06eafa

6. Gunmaster – 09d0e6a3-a97b-403c-ab1c-e0dcfce039e9

7. Always Pearl – e766ed93-cb21-4f44-a354-7216f2807d85

8. Only Pistols & Bows – 7abb6019-d724-4f62-8a9e-d9d8bffa5a92

9. Fair Play – 6eca4014-90ee-45e7-9c9a-c5218afcd52e

10. Hardcore Madhouse – ac75146a-578d-4463-b45c-9f55d1ec70ca

11. Chill-Zone – 200f41a8-6a1f-4aa2-b94f-5e833bdf8068

12. Rush Wars – 7f11c2f4-d6c0-438d-ad5f-683751264607

13. Chainlink Champions – 40fce11c-7400-402d-9cd9-cc41233e9246

14. Only Pistols & Bows – b4be62e9-7e4d-442e-8722-87e0963360e6

15. Easter Egg Servers

Following rules apply to all of our Servers dedicated to Easter Eggs.
8d5271ab-fed8-48d7-ba5b-69603bf88034 – 2cfaf5ed-d7d5-4db1-8c6b-3657bf1cc05b

Last updated on 04/03/2023

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