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Battlefield 4: Red Zones

Published by Bob on September 26, 2021 at 5:25 pm.


Below are visualisations of Red Zones on each Battlefield 4 map.

For the rule, please refer to Sect.3 Red Zone Camping of the Battlefield 4 rules.

Altai Range

Caspian Border


Dragon Pass

Dragon Valley

Flood Zone

Giants of Karelia

Golmud Railway

Guilin Peaks

Gulf of Oman

Hainan Resort


Hangar 21

Lancang Dam

Lost Islands

Lumphini Garden

Operation Locker

Operation Metro

Operation Firestorm

Operation Outbreak

Operation Whiteout

Paracel Storm

Pearl Market


Rogue Transmission

Siege of Shanghai

Silk Road

Sunken Dragon

Zavod 311

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