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Published by Ciavi on December 3, 2019 at 2:45 am.


We hope you’ll understand

We always wanted to migrate to a fully open-source and free platform to cut down unnecessary costs.

This is the day we started it. It will, of course, be better and faster.
For all of you.

I was a member of the old website!

No worries! We got you covered.
We imported all our previous members to the new website.
You’ll just have to act accordingly to the following steps.

Step I: Trigger the recovery procedure

To do so, go to Home > Log in.
A page like this will appear:

Log in page

Press on Log in with username and password.
The side form will quickly change to this:

Internal Log in form

Press on Lost your password?
The side form will quickly change to this:

Password recovery request form

Insert your Username or Email Address and press Get New Password.
If everything went well, you’ll be redirected to the Log in page and this will appear:

Step II: Check your Email and trigger the Recovery procedure

The Email you received will look like this:

Sample Email

If you cannot find it in your main folder, look for it in the SPAM folder.
Click the Link you received.

Step III: Complete the recovery procedure

You will be redirected to the Log in page but the form will be like this:

Password change form

Insert your New password; make sure you respect the given parameters.
Then press Reset Password.

Congratulations, you regained ownership of your account!


Yup! We hope you’ll be able to help us whenever you find a bug, by submitting a ticket and reporting it to us.

Have a great time at Area 51!

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