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Terms of Service

Version: 20th October 2019

  1. Introduction
  2. Changes
  3. Using our services
  4. Donations
  5. User guidelines
  6. Limitations and service changes
  7. Rights
    1. Acknowledged to the End User
    2. Acknowledged to Area 51
  8. Third parties
  9. Responsibility
  10. Applicable law and jurisdiction
  11. Contacts


Hello and welcome to Area 51 Platoon Terms of Service. Here we “Area 51” explain you your rights on our platforms and the rules we should all follow, to enjoy and use correctly our platforms.
Let’s start right away…


§1. Introduction

Thank you for having chosen Area 51 (“Area 51”, “us”). We provide a social platform, an internet community and some game servers, completely free of charge for the End User (“End User”, “you”).
Whenever you sign up and/or join us through the other platforms, you sign a legal contract with the other part “Area 51”, described in section n. 11 here.
Accepting the Terms of Service mean accepting any third parties Terms and Conditions that are listed in section n. 8 here and any future changes to any of those, including ours.

To be eligible to use our services and access our contents, you need to be legally and practically able to sign an agreement.
The End User also ensures that the data he provides is complete, truthful and reliable and ensures that it stays that way.


§2. Changes

Area 51 may occasionally change the Terms of Service for any compelling reason, like improving our services, the user experience, add/remove features to our services, implement advancements in science and ICT, change services’ behaviour to ensure operation or security either technically or legally.
If the Terms of Service ever get changed, Area 51 will inform the End User in any appropriate and/or necessary way, depending on the circumstances. The End User is asked to read those communications and, if he won’t accept the changes while having been warned previously, he shall be able to withdraw from our services by contacting us.


§3. Using our services

As we are offering different services, we’ll redirect the end-user to read our Code of Conduct and different guides for each platform:

We encourage the End User to take time to read the before-mentioned articles and the Code of Conduct in order to improve the user experience and reduce potential issues.


§4. Donations

Donations are deemed voluntary.
The income is used exclusively to face the costs of the infrastructures and necessary to keep up our platforms.


§5. User guidelines

There isn’t much to say here. Just kidding. We’re giving to the End User a series of general guidelines to improve overall user experience.
The End User:

  • must respect other End Users and Staff members at all times
  • must respect the Code of Conduct or rules in place in our platforms
  • mustn’t copy, rip or redistribute any material present on our platforms without authorization
  • mustn’t publish any pirated content on our platforms
  • mustn’t cause damage to our platforms through illegal activities, such as hacking, exploiting, spoofing, crawling, reverse engineering or other methods

We advise the End User to read our platforms’ Code of Conduct and policies to find out more.


§6. Limitations and service changes

Area 51 will make considerable efforts to upkeep the platforms that are offered.
However, some technical difficulties, maintenance, tests or updates to implement changes to applicable laws or requirements on regulatory plans may, sometimes, lead to temporary interruptions.
Area 51 reserves itself the right to change or interrupt (either temporarily or permanently) service functions or characteristics informing, when and where possible, the End User.


§7. Rights

Here rights granted to the End User and Area 51 from their respective counterpart are listed:

¶1. Acknowledged to the End User:

Area 51 grants, by signing this agreement, the following rights to the End User:

  • right to change personal info as they see fit
  • right to “damnatio memoriae”, deletion of all personal data (on our services) on request


¶2. Acknowledged to Area 51:

The End User grants, by signing this agreement, the following rights to Area 51:

  • manage and employ End User’s data to improve our services (more in our Privacy Policy)
  • shutdown, repair or remove features temporarily or permanently
  • remove, obfuscate or limit either temporarily or permanently the End User’s account in case the latter failed to comply with the Code of Conduct


§8. Third parties

As Area 51 provides services on third parties platforms, the End User, by signing this agreement, implicitly agrees to the following Terms of Services, Terms and Conditions or Codes of Conduct:


§9. Responsibility

Area 51 cannot be held accountable for any illegal activities performed by the End User and will, when required, comply with security forces’ requests.
Area 51 cannot be held accountable for any breaking of the Third Parties ToS, CoC or T&C.


§10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The community is based in the United Kingdom so the applicable law is the law of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


§11. Contacts


Email: [email protected]


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